Peer-Reviewed Publications

1. "Dynamics of Fuel Demand Elasticity: Evidence from Iranian Subsidy Reforms", Energy Economics, 110 (2022), 106009. (with Hamed Ghoddusi and Mohammad Morovati) [SSRN]

2. "Google Search Explains Your Gasoline Consumption!", Energy Economics, 99 (2021), 105305. (with Mohamad Afkhami and Hamed Ghoddusi) [SSRN]

3. "Foreign Exchange Shocks and Gasoline Consumption", Energy Economics, 84 (2019), 104472. (with Hamed Ghoddusi and Mohammad Morovati) [SSRN]

4. "Machine Learning in Energy Economics and Finance: A Review", Energy Economics, 81 (2019), 709-727. (with Hamed Ghoddusi and Germán G. Creamer) [SSRN]

5. "Price Elasticity of Gasoline Smuggling: A Semi-Structural Estimation Approach", Energy Economics, 71 (2018), 171-185. (with Hamed Ghoddusi and Mohammad H. Rahmati) [SSRN]

Working Papers and Papers Under Review

1. "How Does the Price of Residential Electricity in the United States Affect Greenhouse Gas Emissions?", with Pierre-Olivier Pineau. [SSRN]

2. "Price Elasticity and Beyond: A Three-Dimensional Analysis of the Residential Electricity Market in New York", with Etienne Billette de Villemeur and Pierre-Olivier Pineau. [SSRN]

3. "Fuel Subsidies, Smuggling, and Income Inequality", with Hosein Joshaghani, Mohammad Morovati and Saeed Moshiri. [SSRN]

4. "The Welfare Loss of Subsidies in Global Electricity Markets", with Pierre-Olivier Pineau. [SSRN]

5. "The Effects of Wind Power Generation on the Electricity Price: High Frequency Evidence from New York", with Pierre-Olivier Pineau and Yousef Nasseri. [SSRN]

6. "Asymmetric Bitcoin Volatility under Structural Breaks", with Hamed Ghoddusi and Mohammad Morovati. [SSRN]

Non Peer-Reviewed Publications

"Negative Electricity Prices in North America", Chair in Energy Sector Management, HEC Montreal, issue 2-2022, May 2022.